Write For Us

My blog has almost turned 3 and it has been growing for a while now, we are now, a community of independent, sassy and super-talented people. (That INCLUDES YOU as well, awesome reader!)
Well, I think it’s time that I hire people who are interested in writing for my blog. So,  if YOU have a flair for writing and think that you’re pretty good at it, drop me an email at crazypielove@gmail.com

And before anything else, I’d like to mention what we’re looking for only HONEST reviews and posts. We hate not being original, so if you send in write-ups that are not yours, they’re going right into our trash cans and future articles from you will not be accepted. 

Well, that’s it. I’ll be sending the details as soon as I receive emails from y’all. 

Until next time,

Sammy. 💕