Ashtapathy Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Soap and Shampoo Review!

Ashtapathy Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Soap and Shampoo Review!

Hey Everyone,
I know I’ve been MIA for quite a while but I have all the right reasons for it.. Well, okay, I don’t. Things have been so hectic that somewhere along the lines, blogging seemed inconsequential to me. I was sent a bunch of these amazing products almost two weeks ago and BOY, am I surprised. These products came all the way from Kerala in the matter of two days. Before I reveal all the details, let’s get into the unboxing + review of Ashtapathy Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Soap and Shampoo!

Ashtapathy Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Soap and Shampoo Review!

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Sheer care: Soaps and Surprises!

Sheer care: Soaps and Surprises!

Hey everyone

Last month was all about trying out new websites for lenses and accessories so I thought that I should change that a little bit and do what I do best: REVIEW and introduce another store!

So, today I’m here with a lovely soap store on instagram which sells handmade and customized soaps. 

These soaps are a bit expensive but they are much better than normal soaps. First of all, they are handmade. They contain natural ingredients that make your skin softer and smoother!


Facebook page:

Before receiving the package, I was told to keep this package in a cool place as soon as I receive it. And of course being a total idiot, I forgot. 

So, yeah, if you ever order something from them, remember to put it in the fridge before opening it. It ensures that you don’t mush or ruin any of that product. 

My soap came in a tiny box which was super cute. And inside, I found a four layer soap. The colors are all very pastel-y and perfect for a floral/spring themed bathroom! 

To be honest, I did not expect the soap to be this good. But oh my god. This is amazing. A lot of you must think that I’m exaggerating but no, this is just awesome. I showed this around to my family and they loved the whole idea of customized soaps. Moreover, it is a great way to showcase your love and remind everyone about it every single day! 

Now, back to the soap, It looks like a dream, I swear! And to my surprise, the soap was customised and had a photo of mine on top. 

Shivani, the founder of sheer care, got my picture from my blog. And I bet you’ll all agree on this: She is amazing with surprises! 

Little things like this make me so happy! I especially loved how the owner of this shop packs every box like this, it is definitely worth the price.

The soap is really thick and smells heavenly. It has a hint of floral scent to it. Oh, and the soap may look a bit blurry in the picture but that’s just because it was refrigerated. 

Price: 400 Rs. For one customised soap

You can get any kinds of soaps, choose your own color, your own picture or quote! I think it is a perfect gift for your friends if you’re on a budget and want to give something having a personal touch!
Why choose these?

Shivani says: 

I love to make these soaps! For customized soaps,I take 400 rupees per bar. I know it looks pricey,but i tried to keep the costs as low as possible,as these are prepared from scratch using vegetable oils without harmful chemicals and surfactants ,and crafting these specials takes hours. So,for spending so much, I have to charge this amount. I will soon add these to my website, but it will take some time as I am completely changing the site. Right now i am taking orders through emails, whatsapp or Facebook. After a week or two people can order directly from the site. Hope you understand!

I think this is a nice initiative. I’ve noticed that I get REALLY rough, itchy and dry hands after using liquid soaps from well known brands. They just don’t suit my skin that well. 

My sister who’s also suffering from ULTRA dry hands (I blame the liquid soap, by the way) loves this one. And that’s all that matters. 


  • Floral scent
  • Can be customized 
  • Hand made
  • Free from chemicals
  • Contains essential vegetable oils for smoother and softer skin.


  • A bit pricey (but I think we can overlook that!) 

So, that was that. 

I hope you get these soaps for your friends, family or for yourself and if you do, share a picture of it on instagram and tag me! 

As usual, I’ll leave a tiny piece of art, I hope it inspires you. Oh and like always, I’d love to get some feedback for the same! 

Much love,