True Elements “Make My Muesli” Review!

True Elements “Make My Muesli” Review!

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I know it’s been forever since I posted my last review but with all the stuff going on in my life, I barely get the time to touch my laptop. Anyhoo, I love the fact that you all are appreciating the health related posts and that really pushes me to have more such posts on the blog. Today, I’ll be reviewing an exciting product that will blow your mind. It’s the True Elements “Make My Muesli”, a unique concept by the brand where you can customize and make your own muesli according to your health requirements. Without further ado, let’s jump right in, shall we?

True Elements “Make My Muesli” Review!

PRICE: 323 INR (Price depends on the ingredients chosen)

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ABOUT THE BRAND: Committed to enhancing your quality of life, True Elements aims to bring positivity, hope & confidence through food that is packed with the goodness of nature & taste that will keep you wanting for more.

True Elements “Make My Muesli” Review!


True Elements Muesli is loaded with health benefits. The variant I chose is called “Make my Muesli” where you can customize your muesli according to your health requirements and tastes.
I chose the crunchy base with honey instead of sugar, berries, almonds and pistachios. I’m truly impressed by how much they consider your thoughts and keep the tiniest details in mind. If you have any particular packaging ideas in mind or if you’d like to avoid having plastic, you can add that to the notes section.

The packaging is really exciting, the round cylindrical container keeps the product fresh for several days without affecting it’s taste. I’m definitely going to reuse the container to store chips and snacks.

True Elements “Make My Muesli” Review!

Coming to the taste, the muesli has a light note of honey and the nuts add a slight crunch to it. The muesli is a rich source of fibre, essential vitamins, proteins, minerals, good fats from the nuts, antioxidants and so much more, making it an ideal breakfast meal without any cholesterol or trans fats.
The base has a crunchy texture and doesn’t get soggy easily. I enjoy my bowl of muesli with cold milk but it tastes absolutely delicious with yogurt as well.
You can use the muesli as a toping for your favorite icecream or dessert too.

True Elements “Make My Muesli” Review!

The nuts and seeds added in the muesli makes it a wholesome and scrumptious snack as well. Having it early in the morning can definitely help you stay full throughout the day and shed some kilos as well.

True Elements “Make My Muesli” Review!


  1. Super healthy snack.
  2. Wholesome, scrumptious breakfast option.
  3. Promotes healthy eating and weight loss.
  4. Rich source of fibre and essential nutrients.
  5. Decent price.
  6. Ready to eat.
  7. Keeps you full for hours.
  8. Hygienic packaging.
  9. Easily available.
  10. Unique concept.


True Elements “Make My Muesli” Review!

OVERALL RECOMMENDATION: I highly recommend True Elements ‘Make My Muesli’ to all the health freaks to give this a go. Not only the calorie conscious, this is the ideal breakfast option for everyone who wants to take up a healthy lifestyle that does not only taste great but also benefits your health. The scrumptious and flavorful muesli from True Elements is definitely in my cart for the future as well. Try it for yourself!

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