Gourmet Medleys: Scrumptious Snacks for Guilt-Free Snacking!

Gourmet Medleys: Scrumptious Snacks for Guilt-Free Snacking!

Hey everyone,
Today’s post is going to be a bit different from the usual makeup and skincare reviews. So, you see, I started eating healthier a few months ago, threw out everything fried and eliminated sugar. I’m actually looking forward to making lifestyle changes that not only I can keep up with in the long run, but changes that I also enjoy and don’t think of them as punishments. That should be your mindset when you start anything new in life! Keeping that in mind, I got introduced to the lovely brand that is known as “Gourmet Medleys”.

About the Brand:
Gourmet Medleys is a venture making nutritious, unadulterated, natural & baked snacks without any additives, added colour or essence. We don’t use iodised salt, processed sugar, refined flour. All our products are the result of the innovative & creative streak of the founder. Her concoctions – the result of meddling with food..hence the name medleys. made with love & passion with a sincere wish for you to snack guilt free!

Vision of the venture: We are ambitious and would like to reach every home that is conscientious about food & make the ones who aren’t, shift to that category!

I think a quick side story is in order before I proceed onto the review.
If you know me, you’d know very well that I absolutely adore startups who have a vision to change the lifestyle of people and to create a difference. This one particularly caught my attention for that reason.
About a year ago, I would be sitting at home eating oily fries with mayo, face full of acne; all of which was a result of my bad eating habits. And truth be told, you are what you eat. This doesn’t mean you should quit on everything. It means having control on yourself and making better choices. I have been getting thousands of compliments regarding my glowing face now, and the reason is that I gave up on processed food, refined sugar, Refined flour (maida) etc.

These snacks are made with handpicked ingredients, baked to perfection and packed with love before they’re sent over to you.

Today I’ll be talking about Sanchita’s Gourmet Medleys in detail.

Nutri Hexas Baked – Chilli – Garlic
Price: Sample pack of 20 grams.
These are the newly launched crackers. These round shaped edibles are made fresh with amaranth, black chickpeas and husked green gram lentil flour. Baked to perfection and oozing with flavor, these are the perfect go-to snacks if you like a slight punch of chilli. Although, I got to try the trial pack, I would love to get the full-sized one as well. They’re lightweight and since they’re baked, they are super crispy and thin. There are no additives which add to the flavorful experience. If you love “Bhujia” or fried snacks, this is the perfect alternative. It also has rock salt instead of iodized salt as well.

Husked Green Gram Crackers Baked – Chilli
Price: 100 INR for 100 grams.
Made with Husked Green Gram Lentil Flour, it has a slight nutty taste from the Green Gram. They are light and crispy and have a slight hint of chilli to them. I think you should try these with a yogurt-based dip which turns these into a phenomenal dish. They are well-worth the price and a good option if you enjoy mid-day snacking.

Wheat Crisps Baked – Beet and Carrot
Price: 90 INR for 100 grams.
I was a bit skeptical about trying these out, particularly because they’re made out of wheat. I don’t like the taste of wheat in some particular chips and which is why, I thought this would be my least favorite. But I was taken back by these scrumptious snacks. Since they’re made from wheat, they have a crispy twist to them. The wheat flavor actually compliments the flavor of the carrots and beetroots. They’re completely excellent price-wise and definitely worth the price. Moreover, since they’re made up of wheat, they’re particularly fulfilling and fill up your tummy in no time. These were my favorites out of all the variants.

Dip suggestion: I made a quick salsa dip with tomatoes, cilantro, spices and one spoonful of yogurt and these taste heavenly with that.

Husked Green Gram Crackers Baked – Oregano and Basil
Price: 105 INR for 100 grams.
These crispy goodies have a light flavor of oregano and basil. Sprinkle some good ol’ cheese on these and warm them up in the microwave and you’ll have some mini pizza squares to satiate your hunger and get rid of the pizza cravings. They also go exceptionally well with a cup of Chai.


  1. Hygienically packed.
  2. Easy to carry.
  3. Easily available.
  4. All natural, no additives.
  5. Bursting with flavors.
  6. Vegan.
  7. Freshly made!
  8. No iodized salt.
  9. Perfect for the calorie conscious.
  10. Hearty and fulfilling.
  11. Satiate your hunger and satisfy your taste buds.
  12. Interesting flavors.
  13. Affordable and well-worth the price.


Overall Rating: 5/5.

Final Recommendation: Gourmet Medley caters to your cravings for snacks and makes sure you eat healthier while enjoying the experience as well. Bursting with delicious flavors, they’re affordable and completely worth the price tag they come with. The variants are exciting and really interesting keeping in mind they even use Beets and carrots as one of their flavors. Every pack is freshly baked and made with handpicked ingredients. Need I say more?
Overall, they’re the perfect fit if you enjoy snacking but don’t want it to take a toll on your health. Make a quick dip and take the snacks another level up.

Until next time,


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