Chubears Gummies For Strong Bones and Vitamin D Review!

Chubears Gummies For Strong Bones and Vitamin D Review!

Hi Everyone,

After looking at dozens of supplements online, I was skeptical about trying out one of them. You see, I started eating healthier and exercising a lot for often but with exercise, you do need nutrients to fulfill your body’s requirements. With the hectic schedule I have, I’m only able to get nutrients from organic fruits and vegetables but sometimes, they’re hard to find as well. Well, today I’ll be introducing an interesting product that has won the hearts of adults and kids alike. I’ll be reviewing Chubears Gummies. Read more to find out what they are and how they can help you!

NAME OF THE PRODUCT: Chubears Gummies For Strong Bones and Vitamin D

PRICE: 390-490 INR

AVAILABILITY: Available on Amazon, Flipkart and your local pharmacies.

DIRECTION FOR USE: Take 2 gummies every day.

INGREDIENTS LIST: Mentioned below. They’re vegetarian, gluten free, fat free, dairy free and gelatine free


Gummy bears can be healthy. Oh gosh. It feels so wrong to say that BUT it’s true. The Chubears Gummies are loaded with Calcium and Vitamin D and help you to get the daily vitamin D requirements for your body. They’re not only for kids but also for adults. This concept is fairly new in the Indian market. I do remember a similar product that was launched when I was little but I stopped seeing it around as I grew up.

The Chubears Gummies ensure that your kid enjoys the taste of gummies while having ample of benefits at the same time. As there are very limited sources of Vitamin D, it is important for us to take it in the form of supplements or medication for proper functioning of the body and what better way would it be than to have gummies every single day!

The pack contains 30 gummies which means it’s enough for 15 days. You can easily pack these in your kid’s lunch box or carry it with you to your office!

The packaging of the box is rather exciting and the reflective packaging looks very fun. The gummies come wrapped like candies and are coated with sugar. They’re bite sized and you can easily detect the yummy flavors of strawberry, orange and pineapple.

This has to be my go-to because of it’s versatility and the delectable taste. Secondly, I also love the fact that it’s perfect for vegetarians and the fact that it’s gelatine free. It is so sad to know that gelatine is derived from animal sources and bones, which, when you think about is completely sick.

RESULTS: I am yet to see any visible results but I do feel a difference in terms of health. My bones stopped making the clickity-click noise that they used to and my skin is radiant as ever. Overall, it’s a great alternative for kids to enjoy and devour.


  • Budget Friendly.
  • Delicious taste.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Hygienically packed.
  • Easily available.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Perfect for kids and adults alike.
  • Unique concept.
  • Gluten-free.
  • Dairy free.
  • Gelatine Free.
  • Perfect option for vegetarians!

CONS: None


RECOMMENDATION: I highly recommend trying it out for yourself, your kids or any of your loved ones. These are definitely worth the money and something that everyone should try. Remember, money invested in your health is actually money saved from going to the doctor!

Until Next Time,


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