Galaxy-Inspired Tears Halloween Makeup Tutorial! 

Galaxy-Inspired Tears Halloween Makeup Tutorial! 

Hey guys! 

Halloween is just around the corner and I really can’t decide which makeup look I want to go for. As much as I’d like to dress like a mummy or a zombie, the kids around my neighborhood pee their pants the moment they see someone looking even remotely close to that. So, this time, I thought I’d share this look I created. It takes almost no time at all and I bet you already have the things required for this.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!  

So, the eyeshadows I used for this are the basic shades of purple and blue. They’re a little on the shimmery side because that’s how the galaxy is. 

Step by Step Galaxy-Inspired Tears Halloween Makeup Tutorial: 

This tutorial is pretty much self-explainatory. If you still have trouble replicating it, just use a white eyeliner to trace the tears first and fill it up with Eyeshadow later. Much like the way you color with crayons. 

  • So, basically, you start by dabbing a little bit of purple eyeshadow below your lower lash line and work your way to the center.
  •  Throw in some blue but don’t blend it too much. 
  • Draw some stars and dots with blue eyeliner. 

And if you don’t have that, you use a either of these: 

Colorless/transparent mascara mixed with blue eyeshadow OR Cream/gel blue eyeshadow OR Blue eyeshadow mixed with moisturizer. 

  • Draw some dots and dashes with black eyeliner and white kohl. 
  • Outline the tear with black eyeliner. 

..And you’re done!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I swear, I’m working so, so hard to get the best quality content for all of you. If you have any suggestions, you can email me here

Until next time,


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