Wholewheat Ladoos with Flaxseeds and Dedicated Coconut: Recipe! 

Wholewheat Ladoos with Flaxseeds and Dedicated Coconut: Recipe! 

Hey everyone! 

I realized I haven’t posted a recipe for some time now, even though I have a dozen in drafts. Yesterday, I was craving something sweet, healthy and wholesome. This recipe is inspired by one of my favorite websites which is Veg Recipes Of India. Ladoos or Laddus are basically sweet round balls made up of a variety of ingredients. They can be made for special occasions, festivals or just as a quick snack. 

Wholewheat Ladoos with Flaxseeds and Dedicated Coconut: Recipe! 

The recipe is quick and easy, if you have all the ingredients ready. It is wholesome and hearty keeping in mind that we’re adding Wholewheat flour (Atta) which is very fulfilling compared to All purpose Flour (Maida). Flaxseeds added to this add a warm, nutty flavor and the desicated coconut adds a lovely texture and the deliciousness of coconuts. TIME TAKEN: 30 minutes (To prepare and assemble.)
YIELD: 15-20 Ladoos. 


  1. Wholewheat Flour- 2 and a ½ cups. (Also known as Atta) 
  2. Sugar- 1 cup. (Alternatively, you can add brown sugar or jaggery) 
  3. Roasted Flaxseeds- ½ cup. 
  4. Ghee or Clarified Butter- to bind. (Alternatively, you can use oil) 
  5. Sesame seeds- Spoonful. (Optional)
  6. Raisins- 3 Spoonfuls.  (Optional) 
  7. Desicated coconut- 1 cup. 


  1. Roast the wholewheat flour until you begin to smell a nutty smell. It indicates that the raw flavor has gone away. 
  2. In a food processor, add your roasted Flaxseeds and grind into a powder. 
  3. Add raisins to the ghee and fry until they’re plump. 
  4. Add the sesame seeds, fry until they begin to pop and turn into a light caramel color. 
  5. In a bowl, mix the wholewheat flour, sugar, desicated coconut, sesame seeds, raisins and the flaxseed powder along with 2 spoonfuls of ghee. 
  6. Mix until combined. 
  7. Take a little bit of the mixture and form a ball from it. 
Wholewheat Ladoos with Flaxseeds and Dedicated Coconut: Recipe! 

    Although, This recipes makes 15-20 medium sized ladoos, you can double or triple it as well. They’re yummy, delicious and wholesome. You will definitely keep wanting more. 

    Even though the ingredients are very healthy and ensure your body gets the nutrients that it needs, it is also evident that it may be cause extra heat in your body because of the dry fruits put into it. As it goes for any food item, excess is harmful. So, do not consume more than 3 Ladoos in a day. 

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