Top 8 Lip balms Under 200₹: Maybelline, Nivea and more!  

Top 8 Lip balms Under 200₹: Maybelline, Nivea and more!  

Hey everyone,

 I get a lot of people who ask me if I know any lipbalms that are under 200 Rs. that are actually worthy of the price tag And trust me, my list is FULL of them. Today I’ll be writing about 8 such lipbalms which pass the quality test. You’re probably wondering: Why eight? Well, why not 7 or 9? I just think 8 sounds right. 

Top 8 Lip balms Under 200₹! 

Here’s my list of TOP 8 Lipbalms under 200 bucks: 

Top 8 Lip balms Under 200₹! 
  • Nivea Fruitshine Lipbalm in Cherry: Nivea Fruitshine Lipbalm is SUPER mmoisturising. It has a very light pink tint in it to make your lips look natural and kissable. 
  • VLCC Lovable Lips in Peach: This is much like the next Peach Lipbalm but offers a much lighter color. The lipbalm has floral notes and smells divine. It adds a nude pink color to your lips. 
Top 8 Lip balms Under 200₹! 
    • Himalaya Peach Shine Lipbalm: I Love Peaches. And whats more is that you get a pretty, coral shade along with it. The peachy color addes such a warm color to my lips. This has to be my favorite Lipbalm in the list.  
    • Maybelline Baby Lips Lipbalm in Watermelon Smooth: Watermelon happens to be my favorite flavor and I loved the scent of that. It repairs the lips and makes sure that they are soft and supple. 
    Top 8 Lip balms Under 200₹! 
      • Maybelline Electro pop Lipbalm in Pink Shock: Love a hint of color on your lips? This offers the loveliest pink tint for your lips. And the quantity is so mmuch that I’m barely able to finish it. 
      • Eva Fresh Lips Lipbalm in Fresh Mint:  As the name suggests, this lipbalm makes you feel sso, so fresh. I make sure I apply this before I head out so that my lips are moisturised and feel fresh. 
      Top 8 Lip balms Under 200₹! 
        • Blue Heaven Naughty Lipbalm in Bubble Gum: Who doesn’t like bubblegum? I certainly do! And I love the scent of it, the sweet candy smell that just takes over your senses. Think no more, just get it. 
        • Lakmé Lip Love Lip balm in Grape: One of the few ‘grape’/ purple-ish colored lip balms. It offers a creamy centre with a gorgeous hint of color. 

        So, this was my list of Lipbalms under 200 Rs (or 3$.) I hope you enjoyed reading it. I know the picture quality wasn’t great and of course, I could have done better but I apologize for that, profusely. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! 

        Until next time, 


        4 thoughts on “Top 8 Lip balms Under 200₹: Maybelline, Nivea and more!  

          1. YES. I absolutely LOVE them. They’re my favorite thing to use during winter or whenever I have Ultra dry lips. But, they cost around 20 $ around here. WHY is that?? 😭😭😭


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