Fuschia Garden Lavender Day Cream with SPF 15 Review

Fuschia Garden Lavender Day Cream with SPF 15 Review

Hey beautiholics! 

It’s so good to be talking to you guys again. Recently, I got a whole bunch of things for my birthday and the Fuschia Garden Lavender Day cream with SPF 15 was one of them. I’ve tried almost everything they have, from lipbalms to face masks to serums and I’m very happy with the quality of the products. With such a pretty color, I’m sure it’s going to be my favorite. Stay tuned for the review!

PRICE: 350 Rs. 

Ingredients: Not mentioned


The Fuschia Garden Lavender Day cream is a lovely lavender colored cream. It makes my skin super soft and supple and the SPF 15 protects my skin from the harmful rays of the sun. It is definitely a cream I love carrying around because of the tiny packaging. It does what it claims to, makes the skin smooth and bouncy. 

Packaging: The packaging is easy and simple. The tiny round glass jar is super cute. Because of it’s tiny shape, it’s easy to carry it around anywhere easily. It is definitely travel friendly.

Shade and consistency: The cream is a light lavender colored one and has a light floral scent. The scent doesn’t linger on for a long time and fades away. The consistency is thick, dense and frothy like frosting. The thick cream is perfect for super dry skin and to protect it from further damage. 


  1. Thick consistency
  2. Lavender color
  3. Floral scent 
  4. Cute packaging
  5. SPF 15 protects from sun damage


  1. A bit pricey 

    Overall Rating: 4/5

    Final Thoughts: I will probably repurchase this once it’s finished. 

    The thick, dense texture and the amazing moisturisation is worth it! 

    Until then,


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