website review and kawai panda pants! website review and kawai panda pants!

Hey everyone! Today I’d like to share with you an amazing brand that I came across called which has an awesome collection of quirky pajamas, hoodies and dresses. The website offers reasonably priced and chic clothes that are a must have in one’s closet. 



Apart from the unique name, has a variety of t-shirts, shoes, dresses that are available in most sizes. It is a cool casual-wear brand which focuses on connecting with their customers. Inspired by design and driven by creativity, their design team strives to offer top quality products. Available in vibrant colors, neutral colors and patterns, their fashion line defines the next generation.

————————————————– website review and kawai panda pants!

My views:

I got an adorable panda pajama which is in a gorgeous bubblegum pink color! It was safely packed in the package and the price tag was in place too. The fit is amazing, I would say this is something that hangs between a pajama and a trouser. I wouldn’t call it a pajama because they’re slightly more comfortable and stretchable but this one doesn’t stretch at all anywhere apart from the waistband. 

For me, that’s an advantage because it makes the pajama look classier than a normal one. I would definitely NOT wear it at home because I think the print is amazing. Perhaps, I’d like to wear it as a trouser instead. 

How to pair it:

I’ll pair it up with a pair of black suede heels or wedges that give a very casual yet chic look. The bubblegum pink definitely adds a girly element to the look. website review and kawai panda pants! website review and kawai panda pants!

Quality check:

Definitely, the quality is the most important part. Although I think that there should be more sizes as the number of sizes and styles they offer is limited, I think the quality is appreciable. It’s not very soft and stretchable but a bit more on the hard side but it’s quite comfortable. It is not something you would wear at home daily but for quick parties or anything that requires you to dress nicely. website review and kawai panda pants! website review and kawai panda pants!

​Even the inside of the pocket looks adorable! website review and kawai panda pants!


Easy Navigation

•Fast and secure delivery

Good quality

Versatile look

•The variety of colors: neutral to vibrant shades!


Limited sizes and patterns 


More information: 

They have a large variety of clothes and shoes, the links to some of my favorites are down below:

For MEN: 

Pajamas,Denim jeansSweatpantsMen’s shirts and Sweat shirts


Crop topsshorts, T-shirt dresses and sweat shirts


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