Life Update: What’s going on?

Life Update: What’s going on?

Hey everyone! It’s Sammy here. 

I just realized that it has been more than a month that I posted something on my blog. Woah. What? 

I’m really astonished to see that my laziness can reach such levels. (Laziness level: 9999) Well, I do have a few reasons actually. But none that would pass as actual reasons, though. I decided to apply for an internship at a website that I love, I had to give a bunch of sample images, sample posts and what not in order to get selected. Believe me, I REALLY wanted to get that job. Meanwhile, I got tons of emails for collaborations with top notch brands, which I accepted, of course! 

And when all was going well, my exams showed up. I’m not really through with them either, I still have 2 more. But I guess I’m really sad to see myself so much time perfecting my writing and photography skills just to let others take advantage of me. I still want that internship, of course, but after knowing that I’m not spending time on my own blog, it has really put me off, you know? 

So, I’ve decided that I would, once again, shower some love on my readers and post more and more reviews everyday. No promises though! 

I’d love to hear some real, raw suggestions/ideas for my posts. Drop them below! 

Until next time,


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