Website review! Website review! 

Hey everyone! Today’s review covers everyone’s favorite topic: circle lenses! The lenses we are going to talk about today come from the amazing Pinky Paradise. When I first started shopping for circle lenses back in the day, I stumbled upon Pinky Paradise

I like Pinky paradise because of their popularity, fast shipping and the variety! Imagine how stoked I am after I found out that they wanted to collaborate with me. Yayyy! Website review! 


The shipment from Pinky paradise (From Malaysia) to me (In India) took about 2 weeks and 5 days. It’s super fast, if you ask me. 
In the package: 

The contents of the package! Ta da! The lenses were wrapped up tightly in squishy foam packaging so that the glass would not break in transport. Also included was a super cute animal case and two velcro hair strips.

Open up!

Lenses: I got a beautiful violet/purple lens and a darker brown one. Both of them are absolutely gorgeous and blend surprisingly well with my own eyes. I love how absolutely doll-like, my eyes look and at the same time, they look very natural. Website review! 

Looks: The purple one looks amazing. It is so opaque and shows up remarkably well on my brown eyes. Website review! 

Looks: And the brown one is much better in terms of enlargement. It makes my eyes look  so sophisticated and unique.And due to the tiny dots of light brown in the middle, it blends easily with my brown eyes. Website review! Website review! 

This lens case got me so, so excited. Firstly, I love macarons. They’re adorable! And secondly, I was bored of my plain, old lens case. This is much better and leak-proof as well. Website review! 

However, I do wish that Pinky paradise would let me choose a pair of these rather than single, random ones, you know? 

Comfort: Yesss. They are super duper, ultra comfortable. I couldn’t even feel that they were on during the shoot. Hence, they are beginner friendly as well. Enough said. Website review! 

Overall Rating: 5/5 

I loved trying out these lenses. I would love to find this color and buy the pair instead of this single one but I wouild definitely recommend buying from Pinkyparadise because of the fast shipping, variety and freebies! 

Until next time,


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