Steel Paris 6 color palette Review

Steel Paris 6 color palette Review

Hey everyone.
Recently, I got my hands on this super cheap blush palette. And I LOVED IT.
So, I thought I might share it with you guys.


So, like you can see, it has 6 shades to match your skin tone, they may look super dark but they are actually very natural when you put them on.


Here are the swatches:
(Not in order)


My favorite shade would be the middle one in the bottom row. It’s really watermelon-y and super pretty.
Also, they don’t have any specific smell apart from a faint floral scent.



The quantity and quality they offer is super amazing, plus these are made up of minerals so they won’t harm your skin.
Plus they have SO many shades. And yes, they’re all matte.

Price: Almost 3$

WHERE TO BUY: These are available in stores, and online on eBay and flipkart.

•Variety of shades
• Super pigmented
• Matte
• Faint scent

•Availability might be an issue

I hope you liked this review, it was more pictures and less info. But I hope you get the gist.

Much love,
Sammy ❤


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