Nature’s Co. Review: Neroli Stretch mark cream

Nature’s Co. Review: Neroli Stretch mark cream

Hey everyone!
How are you?
Today, I’m going to be reviewing Neroli Stretch mark cream from Nature’s Co.

First of all, you guys should know that for the past few days, I’ve been using 100% natural products and they’ve been working really well for me.

Along with that, I’ve been eating healthier, no fried foods or anything that’s too sweet.

So, anyways, stretch marks. They are annoying. They look bad. And they affect a person’s self esteem indirectly. Like, if you wanna go out and wear a tank top, you’d be afraid that someone might point out that you have marks on your shoulder. At least, I do.

I have them on my right shoulder and god knows how hideous they look. I swear, I’ve tried all the scrubs in the world to make them go away. But they just don’t.

I decided that trying one more cream won’t do any harm.


Did it work for me?
So, the first time I test out a cream, I test it on my arm. I tested this cream there and a week later, surprisingly, my stretch marks were almost out of sight.
I’ve been using this for almost a month and I’ve seen visible results.




Price: 695 Rs. For 5.93 oz or 175 ml.


Where to buy: You can go over to

Let’s just skip to the pro’s and con’s:

•It WORKS. You just need to have patience and use it regularly.
•Huge tube that lasts, probably, forever
•Easily available in stores and online.
•Lovely scent
•Not sticky or greasy

•The price, they should probably make a tinier tube that is cheaper.

I think this cream is absolutely amazing. I love the scent of this cream, it’s kind of natural. The consistency and texture is absolutely perfect.
Must try! I totally recommend this!
I hope you liked this review

Much love,


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