DIY Room décor: Bamboo mat

DIY Room décor: Bamboo mat

Hey everybody!
I decided that since it’s summer, it would be fun to create some room decor items that are easy, affordable and cheap. Basically, something that would spice up your room a little.
This is also a part of my diy room decor series so, if you wanna create some other fun crafts, do check out my other posts too!

To some of you guys,this post may seem a bit unorganized but I hope you feel inspired to create some of my diy room decorations.
Let’s get started!



This creation is made by recycling old bamboo sticks that I found at home. These belonged to my granddad, they are actually Kalams that he used to write.

All you need for this diy is:
• Rope, thread or anything that you can use to tie these together.
• Bamboo sticks or chopsticks
• Glue (to secure the rope/thread)



There are three kinds of kalams that I have, one is a plain one, the second one is kind of textured and the third one has designs all over it. I used both the plain one and the textured one. You’re probably going to find the first one so you can just use that. Also, make sure all your sticks are the same size.


So, all you have to do is place a stick horizontally and then take another one and place it vertically on top of that one and tie it like so:


Keep adding sticks and tying them up, once you’re done, secure the rope/thread with some glue.

And that’s it!


You can place a porcelain bole filled with tiny stones on it like I did.
It really looks kind of vintage and it costed me nothing as I had everything at home.


I hope you liked this post. As always, criticism is welcome.
Like, share and comment! ❤ and spread the love.

Much love, ❤


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