SKIN18 Sheet masks review: Tips and tricks! 

SKIN18 Sheet masks review: Tips and tricks! 

Hey everyone! A while ago, I got these adorable masks from I saw that a TON of you guys asked me to try them out and post a review of these masks.

So, let’s get started!
First of all, I have never tried Korean beauty products before, I mean, I’ve ordered a couple of accessories but not skin care products.
And that’s why I was super excited.
Oh and btw, I think that these masks make amazing gifts.

Kawaii packaging + awesome results = Hell yeah!

SKIN18 Sheet masks review Tips!

At first, when I opened it up, I thought that this will never work. I clicked photos just so I can use them for proof and BOY, was I wrong. This thing works so well, even with my terrifyingly puffy eyes.
I would give this a BIG thumbs up. If you’ve ever in Korea, try to get a whole box of these. – Or better, just order them online. 😉
Overall rating: 5/5


How cute is this little anime girl? ^



There’s one thing I’d like to say about these masks, they make your skin dangerously soft.
You’ll begun to wonder if it is all a lie. Honestly, I’m addicted to these.
I use these masks on a monthly basis because I have oily skin along with my secret herbal drink.
And this routine has been working perfectly for my skin.
Give this post a thumbs up if you want me to write more about my diy herbal drink and how to make it! ❤



Anyways, back to the masks, these babies, are super gorgeous. I was sad for almost 2 hours after opening these up. I literally wanted to preserve it for my future kids. Moving on.
I absolutely love them!


Each mask has worked wonders for my skin. I think that if you have oily skin, you can use it after using a scrub and a face wash so that your face can get the good stuff it needs.


Overall: These masks are a BIG YES! they’re cheap, yet good quality.
What’s there not to like?
I would totally recommend you to go over to and take a look at them!

Here’s the proof:
My skin is practically pimple free and it looks and feels amazing.


If you have any questions, email them to me at OR comment down below!

Much love,
Sammy. ❤

Disclaimer: The items were sent to me by the company. However, my views stay genuine and unbiased.

Until next time,


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