Drugstore Makeup: Blue Heaven Haul!

Drugstore Makeup: Blue Heaven Haul!

Hey everybody 🐱
I hope you’re all doing great!
How’s the weather where you all live?
It’s amazing here in India. I’m loving the cold and comfortable weather so much.

Blue heaven had a nailart contest a month ago and I won.
They gave me a huge discount on the stuff I bought so I just had I pay the shipping only!
Plus, I think these products were good enough to be here on my blog.


So, I got:
•A mascara
•A naughty color&shine lip balm
•Lip glosses in shade 111 and 108.
•A lip bomb (strawberry)

So, first, I have these super cool lip glosses.


These were the shades that stole my heart, one of them is the usual, hot red and the other one is a coral pink. The scent is so delicious and sweet. And they are so pigmented. They are in the shade 111 and 108.

On my lips, these lasted for about 3-4 hours after I had a couple of soft drinks.



Price: 65Rs each. (1$ each)

Next, I have this cute EOS dupe, it’s the lip bomb. image

I love this one so much. It has the scent of those chewing gum strips that taste like strawberries. Like I said before, love the packaging.
If you haven’t seen my previous posts, I reviewed the bubble gum one before, check that out.
Price: 85Rs. Or about 1.25$

I have another lip balm, this one is the “Naughty” tinted and in the bubble gum flavor. I also have the EOS dupe version of this one which is not tinted.
The lipbalm is so moisturizing, one swipe gives you a lot of color and makes your lips soft and smooth.

Price: 65 Rs or 1$



I’m totally in love with these products and at the amazing price I got them at.
The shipping was really fast too, I got my package from FedEx the very next day with no extra charges!

Did you like this post? Comment below and let me know which is your favorite drugstore brand!

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my hard earned money and this post is not sponsored by the brand.


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