Beautiful memories: A sprinkle of love and laughter

Beautiful memories: A sprinkle of love and laughter

Valentine’s day, the most memorable day for love birds is just around the corner.
Honestly, I love Valentine’s day, even if you’re single I think it’s a great way to express your love for your loved one. I know a lot of people hate it, I used to hate it too but once you get in the mood, you’ll begin to realize that it’s not half bad.
You can throw in some presents and shower some love and BAM! It would make anyone’s day wonderful.

To add a pinch of fun, I decided to go through my very personal diary and read my thoughts. And Let me just tell you, some of the stuff I wrote was pretty depressing.
But let’s skip that part, shall we?
I read the most amazing memories that brought tears to my eyes.

I believe that if love is a treasure, then laughter is the key. Laughing a little always makes your day go better and even get you past all the obstacles in your way.
The most memorable #LoveAndLaughter memory would be when I was angry at my boyfriend because he broke my favorite mug. I wasn’t talking to him at all and I was trying to ignore his presence to the fullest while having a cup of hot chocolate.
A few moments later, he came and sat near me and caressed my hair for a whole minute and kissed my cheek. It was a sweet gesture and I was beginning to melt.. BUT NO. I was still angry.
He got up and walked out of the room. Well, I got upset again but kept on sipping my hot chocolate. He came back, got himself a straw and put it in my *HOT* chocolate. As soon as he did, the straw literally melted and turned into a plastic stick. Of course, my hot chocolate was now contaminated but my dearest soulmate made me dinner with *square* rotis and anda bhurji. It was the sweetest thing ever. We laughed about it a lot after that and even now, when I think about it, I begin to smile.

Love is not about just being in a relationship with someone, it’s about the bond that the two of you share. And of course, humor connects souls.

Even while typing, I’m getting such a warm feeling of love like the one you get when you open a present and it’s all you ever wanted.
Anyway, thanks for reading!

Do you have a special #LoveAndLaughter story to share? Comment Below!

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