Fuschia Haul: Winter Love!

Fuschia Haul: Winter Love!

Hey everybody 🐱
For a few months now, I’ve been searching for natural handmade products that would be suitable for sensitive skin. So when I got approached by the team, I was super excited.

Fuschia Haul: Winter Love!

I’ve received:
•Orange and Avocado balancing intense moisturizer
•Tea Rose handmade soap
•Crystal Rose bath salt

Fuschia Haul: Winter Love!

As soon as I opened the box, the room I was filming in, was filled with a sweet, subtle scent. These products are completely SLS, paraben, phthalate and cruelty free. The ingredients are also mentioned on the products also.
I think the most amazing part is that these tiny jars of joy are handmade.

Crystal Rose Bath Salt: This bath salt is my favorite out of all the stuff. It has such an overwhelming scent which stays on my skin for a long time. It also has dried rose extracts that give it a beautiful texture.
I’m obsessed with the tiny jar and I’ll recycle it and use it to store lip balms as soon as I finish the content.

Fuschia Haul: Winter Love!
Fuschia Haul: Winter Love!

Tea Rose handmade soap: Oh myy. This soap smells delicious. It reminds me of the soaps I used as a kid. Moreover, it has so many essential oils and I feel it helped me with my dry skin issue. It also has some tiny beads which act as gentle scrub. It is also suitable for vegetarians which means it does not contain any animal fats or anything.
It keeps my skin super soft and supple.
I still have some soap left even after using it for over a month so, I can say I’m definitely impressed.

Price: 225 Rs. or about 3$

Fuschia Haul: Winter Love!

Orange and Avocado intense balancing moisturizer: This is something I hadn’t tried until now. I just love the scent of this moisturizer, it is so orangey. Also, I adore the little bag it came in.
The moisturizer lasted for a month as I only use it on my hands and face.
It has the perfect consistency as well.
It is really light and I use it just before going to bed.
Again, I love the fact that it wasn’t tested on animals.
Price: 225 Rs. or about 3$

Fuschia Haul: Winter Love!

•SLS free
•Phthalate free
•Paraben free
• Not tested on animals
• Amazing scent
• Perfect gift for your loved ones
• Super fast shipping
•Handmade and 100% natural
•Cute packaging

•Too Expensive
That’s all I could find! Although the products are amazing, I think they’re too expensive but if you think of the advantages they have, they’re worth it.

I think that these products will make the perfect gifts for your friends and family. They’re definitely better than stuff you buy in markets which contain a lot of chemicals and hidden ingredients.

Rating: 4.5/5

Overall, I think these items would make great gifts for your friends, family or even yourself if you wanna pamper yourself once in a while. But the Vkare team should make them affordable too. I hope you guys give it a try, they’re worth it!

Disclaimer: The items were sent to me by the company. However, my views stay genuine and unbiased.

Until next time,


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