Unboxing and Review: Roposo Goodies!

Unboxing and Review: Roposo Goodies!

Hey everybody! 🐱
A few months ago, I won two contests and received amazing goodies from Roposo. Also, my follower buddy @MayaJ2 asked me to do an unboxing/review a few weeks ago and I completely forgot about it.

I’m also celebrating the fact that I got 460 followers and over 30K likes on ask.fm.
Woah, what? I’m. Just. speechless.
I’m so happy. I thank each and everyone of you who’ve stuck with me, despite knowing how weird and crazy I can get. I love you all.

So, my goodies arrived safe and sound. The packaging was super cute and had “It’s arrived!” written all over it.


First of all, I adore the letter. The very first line made my heart melt!
I love the golden leaf design. It looks so beautiful and chic!
I’m in love with the Roposo team. They are so amazing.



My next package consisted of these:

YESSS. I have wanted a diary like this since forever. I have no clue what I’m going to write though.. 😛
Any ideas?



A canvas bag with these super cool loops. It is HUGE. I can store half of my makeup products in this, it’s that big.

Oh and the mirror is just so handy. Not to forget the jhumkas!


Overall, I loved everything. It felt like it was my birthday all over again! Thank you so much, Roposo!
Stay tuned for more reviews.

Until next time,
Sammy ∞


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