Lakmè Freespirit Lipstick: Bringing the Oldie back

Lakmè Freespirit Lipstick: Bringing the Oldie back

Hey everybody! 🐱
Today, I’ll be taking you a few thousand years back when dinosaurs used foundation. Just kidding.
Let’s just rewind to a couple of years back when lakmè was the only cosmetics brand.
They came out with pretty bold lipsticks back then; affordable and high quality.
But now, in order to get one of those, you’d have to lose the other.

My mom used lakmè lipsticks all the time. She has all the shades, however lakmè wasn’t so creative with their packaging back then.
Recently, I saw these lipsticks again in a store and bought them immediately.

As much as I love bright, vibrant shades, I’m a sucker for darker shades.
I love how pigmented these shades are. One swipe gives you just enough product. And I’m not going to lie, I use this lipstick as a gel eye-shadow at times.


Price: 225Rs.

The shades are identical, I would say. So it’s okay if you don’t have one of these. I love to create a sophisticated look with this lipstick. I think it really brings out the bolder side of me.


The right one is N519 (I hate the code thingy) which has less shimmer than the left one which is D514.
It feels like we’re talking about nuclear launch codes rather than lipstick. 😛


I think the left one is more on the golden-ish side while the right one is kind of brown.

•Creamy Texture
•The shimmery color would suit most skin tones
•Highly pigmented

•Easily transfers to cups
•Staying power
•Availability (It came out a few years ago.)

Overall Rating:
It’s one of those lipsticks that don’t make a whole in your pocket. I would rather get a lipstick that has matte finish. But this one’s pretty awesome as well.

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my hard earned money, and if they’re not, then it is stated in that post.


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