OOTD: My Thirfty Outfit

OOTD: My Thirfty Outfit

Hey everybody 🐱
Happy new year!
A journey of a thousand miles must start with a single step.
So, my dear, we all have a long way to go and to think that this journey will be easy, is just absurd.
I do hope that you get the strength to face and overcome all the obstacles life throws at you.

That’s just my spiritual self talking.
I actually planned to post a lot of reviews and Outfits posts but I wasn’t really sure if you’d all spend your precious time on my blog.
But here I am, anyway.
This post is going to be like all of you guys; short and sweet. (I’m not too sure about short though)

Outfit Details:
•Top: Under 500Rs(Sarojni Nagar)
•Wrap Around: Chandni Chowk





*Ahem, Ahem.* I just went overboard with the photos, I know.

This is what the design looks like:



And at last, a candid one.


That’s it.
I just paired the top, simply, with a wraparound skirt and a pair of Flats. I know it’s nothing fancy, but anything more would be just over the top.

I hope the simplicity of this outfit inspired you.
Until next time.



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