Product Review: Fake MAC Nail Polishes

Hey everybody!
While shopping in the local market, I stumbled upon a tiny shop which sold super cute bobby pins, mittens, makeup and what not. I began to pick out a few nail polishes and then these glittery, double-sided bottles of joy caught my eye.
Later, my sister pointed out that the label said these were MAC and Color Show nail polishes.
Before you guys start pointing it out, I know that these are fake. MAC or any high end brand never sells their stuff in shops like these. I got these for the sole purpose of adding a few nail polishes to my collection. Plus, these look so pretty.

Product Review: Fake MAC Nail Polishes

Price: 50 Rs. (For one)

One of the double ended nail polishes is an almost pastel blue/pink while the other one is a sort of base coat mixed with glittery confetti. I had to apply two coats of the base coat just to get enough confetti. Does that make sense?

What I think about this product: I think these nail polishes are amazing. They are pretty good quality even though these are fake. The consistency is a lot like the normal ones. However, I strongly recommend applying a base coat just to protect your nails because you never know what these might contain.
So far, I haven’t had any issues with them.

Product Review: Fake MAC Nail Polishes
Product Review: Fake MAC Nail Polishes

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my hard earned money, and if they’re not, then it is stated in that post.

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