DIY: Floral Hairbands!

DIY: Floral Hairbands!

Meow! 🐱
Today I’m going to show you how you can revamp your own hairband and turn it into a floral one. Floral prints are so in trend, you’ll find them everywhere: from shoes to dresses and accessories, even backpacks. And I thought it was a wonderful idea to revamp a boring black hairband into a funky floral one. ♥

Without further ado, let’s get started!

The things you’re going to need:

•A Hairband


• Cloth to cover it.


•Paper clips


First, take your hairband and clean it with rubbing alcohol (if you have any)

This ensures that your hairband is clean as the glue won’t stick to an oily surface.

(Ain’t nobody got time for germs D: )

Black Hairband
DIY: Floral Hairbands!

Next, choose a piece of fabric and glue it to the hairband. I used fabric glue for this but you can use any kind.

Floral print
DIY: Floral Hairbands!
DIY: Floral Hairbands!

Apply glue on the surface and quickly stick the piece of fabric to it.

Sassy glue design! :D
DIY: Floral Hairbands!
DIY: Floral Hairbands!

Secure it with paper clips and let it dry.

DIY: Floral Hairbands!

Snip off the excess.

DIY: Floral Hairbands!

And woohoo!

This is just a really easy way to make something super cool. These hairbands aren’t super amazing but they’re going to save you some money so why not?

You have a nice floral hairband. You can make some for your friends. They’re the perfect gift for any occasion.

I hope you try to make them for yourself and if you do, don’t forget to send me a picture of it!



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