Whatsapp is racist?

Whatsapp is racist?

Hi everybody.

I started this blog a few days ago and posted my first ever post saying that I’ll be blogging about makeup and fashion and all that jazz.

I apologize but I think that I’ll skip that part for a bit and talk about something that’s more important.

So Recently, I got a notification from Whatsapp saying that I needed to update it. I’ve always thought that whatsapp updates are amazing. They just have a new feel. And I love how surprising it is when I find new emoticons or a new layout.

But this time, I found out that Whatsapp added a bunch of emoticons.

They even added a Spock one!

(Live Long and Prosper ;D)

But there was something wrong. All of the emoticons were yellow. So I thought my phone had been messing with me.

As I clicked it, I was stunned.

And I’m sure you’ll be, too. It’s quite hilarious too, though.

Whatsapp being racist.
Whatsapp is racist?

University Beats says “There are dark-skinned faces, which is good. Different hair colors, which is great! But among the line of life-like skin tones, there’s an obvious outlier: that lurid yellow face.”

Whatsapp is racist?

What do you think about these Emojis? Comment below.

(Don’t file a petition!) 

Until next time,


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